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Public Administration and Safety First Aid Kits - National Safe Work Month
From emergency services to policy setters, the Public Administration and Safety industry has a wide range of responsibilities - and a wide range of workplace risks. Statistics gathered by the Australian Government statutory body Safe Work Australia between 2011-2012 and 2015-2016 show that the Australian Government's Public Administration and Safety Industry has on average 9,100 serious workers compensation claims every year with almost double the frequency rate for disease claims across all industries....Read More

Personal First Aid Kit
Small enough to fit into a pocket, bag or drawer yet full of useful items needed for minor cuts and injuries. This personal first aid kit can be custom labelled, making it ideal to give away as a promotional corporate gift. Useful for traveling, commuting or keeping at work - your clients will always have your company brand in mind with this compact First Aid Kit always to hand. First Aid Kits make for a novel...Read More

Office First Aid Kits
We are often asked "does my office need a first aid kit?" and the answer can be either complex or simple: simply, yes of COURSE your office needs a First Aid Kit because you care about the wellbeing of your employees! The longer, legal answer is that it very much depends on what Australian State or Territory you are in, how big your office is, how many people work in and visit your office, and...Read More