Industrial Pro Metal First Aid Cabinet ANSI Z308.1-2015 OSHA regulations
Available in the following case options:

The IndustraPRO 150 Series First Aid Kit

Product Description

Industrial Pro Metal Cabinet

This industrial pro kit is the complete option for industrial and office settings. In addition to the components found in the standard kits, this kit has a full range of approved relief tablets and medications to help employees deal with headaches, colds, muscle pain and other common workplace ailments. The heavy duty metal cabinet mounts easily to the wall, and the large swing out door opens fully to allow easy access to all three shelves and the door compartments.

Content complies with new ANSI Z308. 1-2015 and OSHA 1910.151(b) regulations.

This kit is available in a Tough Metal cabinet – all our cabinets are available with private labeling. For more information on cases and labeling, see our Case Options.

This First Aid Kit comes fully stocked (see list below) and as part of our Instant Restock system you can refill and service your clients kits quickly with refill pouches designed to fit into each case type. They provide quick access to all product through a unique centre slit pocket without the need of unpacking each individual product.

Kit Classification:

Class B150 people

Kit Contents:

951 Pieces view contents list

Kit Contents may vary according to availability

Code Description Quantity
ACD1020S AEROWOUND Combine Dressing 4in x 8in 2
AWD15 AEROWOUND Wound Dressing 2
AT25 AEROPLAST Transparent Tape 2
AFP6015 AEROPLAST Premium Weight X-Wide Strip 50
AFP350 AEROPLAST Premium Weight Knuckle 40
AFP506 AEROPLAST Premium Weight Large Patch 25
AFP450 AEROPLAST Premium Weight Large Fingertip 25
AFP430 AEROPLAST Premium Weight Fingertip 40
ASTA25US AEROSOOTHE Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.9g 25
AW8000US AEROWIPE Antiseptic Wipe 50
AW7000US AEROWIPE Alcohol Swab 50
AB325 AEROBURN Packets 3.5g 25
ABD10 AEROBURN Burn Dressing 4 x 4 in 2
AII6000US AEROPLAST Instant Ice Pack Large 260g 1
AII3000US AEROPLAST Instant Ice Pack Small 100g 1
APG7510SUS AEROPAD Gauze Pads 3in x 3in 10
APD57510SUS AEROPAD Low Adherent Dressing 10
ACA10 AEROSWAB Cotton Tip Applicators 20
AGG001US AEROGUIDE First Aid Guide 1
AGNPF02US AEROGLOVE Nitrile Gloves 1 pair 4
ABC10BUS AEROBAND Triangular Bandage 2
AFS001US AEROSHIELD Face Shield Disposable 1
AEP1S AEROPAD Eye Pads 2in x 3in 2
AW5OZUS AEROWASH Eyewash & Skin-Rinse 5 fl.oz. 1
ACG25US AEROCLEANSE Hand Sanitizer 0.9g 25
AF50 AEROFORM Conforming Band. 2in x 4.4yds 2
AF100 AEROFORM Conforming Band. 4in x 4.3yds 1
AF9 AEROINSTRUMENT Tweezers 3in Steel 1
ASC11US AEROINSTRUMENT Scissors 4.5 in 1
APWCB10 AEROPLAST Butterfly Closures 10
AAS50US AEROAID Antiseptic Spray 1
AWF03 AEROWOUND Finger Dressing Pack 3/pack 2
ASP10 AEROPROBE Splinter Probe 10
AR1060 AEROSPLINT Padded Splint 4in x 24in 1
ART1040 AERORESCUE Tourniquet 1in x 18in 1
ATPR100 AEROMED Pain Reliever Tablets 100/box 100
ATNA100 AEROMED Non Aspirin Tablets 100/box 100
ATIB100 AEROMED Ibuprofen Tablets 100/box 100
ATCT100 AEROMED Cold Tablets 100/box 100
ATAN100 AEROMED Antacid Tablets 100/box 100
AEROKIT 150 Series Case 1

Kit Compliance:

  • ANSI
  • OSHA
  • Health Canada
  • SantĂ© Canada
  • FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)
  • ISO 13485 (Australian Government Department of Health – Therapeutic Goods Administration)
  • CE (Europe)
Designed for:
Product Features:
hypo allergenic

Hypo-Allergenic indicates the product has successfully undergone biocompatibility testing in accordance with the appropriate standard. The product has been tested for Skin Irritation and Skin Sensitization according to ISO 10993-10 and Cytotoxicity in accordance with ISO10993-5.

latex free

Indicates that the adhesive and all components of the product are latex free.


Indicates a product which has been sterilised by a relevant method to specified international standards in each country.


Supabond™ Hypoallergenic Adhesive exclusively engineered for unrivalled adhesion.

Applies to specific items - contact us for full details

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