First Aid Kits

A new study has revealed that 1 in 4 Australians have no idea what to do if they suffer a snake bite, rising to 1 in 3 for Australians aged under 25.

The under-25’s were also the most likely to cause harm with common mistreatment’s: “Tourniquets, cutting and sucking are extremely dangerous and can actually exacerbate a bite,” Associate Professor Julian White, Head of Toxicology at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, said. “First aid is an immediate priority after a snake bite.”

Of over 1000 people surveyed, 90% do not pack any form of First Aid Kit when they go bushwalking or visit the beach, leaving many Australians with no knowledge, no resources – or both – when they are most at risk of being bitten and furthest from assistance.

“Too many Australians are relying on luck and chance to deal with a first aid emergency instead of having a plan and real-time access to potentially life-saving resources,” Assoc Prof White said.

Find out how to treat a snake bite and have the exact resources to hand with our Regulator Snake Bite Kit, containing the first aid supplies you need and clear instructions on how to use them and what to do in this stressful situation.