First Aid Kits

The ACT Government is re-issuing advice on how best to avoid snake bites following a sharp rise of injuries in the territory. Canberra and the ACT has an abundance of native wildlife including eight species of snakes – and they are an important part of the environment. If you do come across a snake, just calmly back away and give it a wide berth – do not confront it or attempt to move or harm it. When walking, wear enclosed shoes and avoid walking in long grass.

Snakes need food, water and shelter to survive – keeping your yard tidy makes it a less attractive environment to snakes.

If you see a snake in your yard, move pets and children away for an hour or so – it is most likely just passing through or looking for food, so just leave it alone. Give them their space and they will give you yours.

If a snake bite occurs, the victim should avoid moving as much as possible – so having the right equipment to treat a snake bite to hand could save your life. Aero Healthcare’s Regulator Snake Bite First Aid Kit is highly compact, and fitted with a belt loop to allow you to easily carry it when out near the bush.

With exactly the bandages and dressings you need and clear instructions on how to use them, our Snake Bite First Aid Kit gives you the best chance of a positive outcome in this stressful situation.

Don’t get caught out this summer – make sure you and your workers are protected with Aero Healthcare’s Regulator Snake Bite Kit.