First Aid Kits

We are often asked “does my office need a first aid kit?” and the answer can be either complex or simple: simply, yes of COURSE your office needs a First Aid Kit because you care about the wellbeing of your employees!

The longer, legal answer is that it very much depends on what Australian State or Territory you are in, how big your office is, how many people work in and visit your office, and what elements of risk are present. In short you need to consult the relevant authority that governs your location for advice not only on whether you are required to have a First Aid Kit but also how many kits are appropriate.

However, to make things much easier Aero Healthcare have First Aid Kits that comply with all Australian states and territories, and we have selected kits from our full range that are particularly suited to an office environment, with case options that include our sleek professional Neat case that will look at home in any office or reception area.

All our First Aid Kits can be custom-labelled with your organisations logo and colour branding.

Australian Federal, State and Territory regulatory compliant Office First Aid Kits
Operator 5 Series First Aid Kit
Compliance with workplace first aid regulations is achieved across all states and territories with this broad kit range. Workplace injuries in higher risk areas can be treated effectively with the quality selection of components in this kits.
Responder 4 Series First Aid Kit
Respond promptly to incidents with a variety of outer cases to suit all types of environments. Ensure workplace compliance with this comprehensive kit to cater for any workplace emergency.
Regulator Snake Bite First Aid Kit
For remote offices and premises on the edge of town, near bushland and on Industrial Estates there is always a risk of snakes – ensure your workers are prepared to deal effectively and quickly to a snake bite while First Responders are on their way.
Regulator Eyewash Kit
Respond to minor eye injuries promptly with this plastic case kit containing a range of products for eye wounds. The plastic case has a rubber seal to prevent dust contamination, and can be wall mounted.
Regulator Burns Series – Small, Medium and Large
Provide effective treatment for burns injuries with burn gel pads and dressings. These plastic cases have a rubber seal to prevent dust contamination, and can be wall mounted.
Regulator Biohazard Spill Kit
Essential for cleaning up bodily fluids in a hygienic and efficient manner, protecting the user from contamination.

Aero Healthcare Wholesale First Aid Kits fully stocked with high quality First Aid Products