First Aid Kits

International Water Safety Day is the perfect time to check your preparedness for Water Safety, whether you are boating, swimming or exploring Australia’s waterways.

  • Supervise Children watch them at all times and keep within arms reach. Don’t just keep an ear out or allow yourself to be distracted by smartphones and books: drowning children do not splash and shout!
  • Fence Pools ensure swimming pools are well fenced in line with regulations, using self-closing and self-latching gates.
  • Life Jackets on boats or simply near the water, such as when fishing, everyone should wear a life jacket. Some state schemes will allow you to replace old life jackets for new ones.
  • Life Guards on the beach swim only between the flags where life guards are on duty, and at the pool ensure a life guard is present. At both the beach and the pool ensure your watch your children at all times, do not rely on the Life Guard alone.
  • Learn CPR be prepared for an accident – even with vigilant supervision accidents can happen, and CPR is vital in saving the life of a victim of drowning. Enroll in a CPR class today and refresh your training every year. Search online now for courses in your area!
  • Learn First Aid a variety of injuries can occur in and around the water – be prepared with a well-stocked First Aid Kit and enroll in a First Aid course to be ready to help at a moments notice.

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With 280 drownings reported during June 2015 to June 2016 and a huge spike over the 2016-2017 summer period, Australia needs to spread the word. Download our Water Safety Checklist and spread the word on Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Aero Healthcare has a large selection of First Aid Kits for all your needs. Our Responder, Defender and Responder kits come stocked in Weather Resistant cases with supplies to assist with CPR – perfect for stowing on boats and around swimming pools.

Use our Kit Selector now to find the right size and type of First Aid Kit for your needs.