First Aid Kits

Farming is often overlooked by the general public when it comes to the perception of high-risk occupations, but according to Safe Work Australia between 15% to 12% of Australian worker fatalities occurred in the farming industry during 2009-2015 (source:

These figures are all the more concerning when you realise 15% of fatalities are occurring in an industry that only makes up 2% of Australian workers (source:

These statistics have promoted national campaigns to raise awareness of Farm Safety dangers and requirements, with FarmSafe Australia recommending that First Aid kits for the farm should be purchased to meet regulations for the number of people that work on the farm and the types of injury that occur, which include:

  • snake and spider bites
  • sprains, cuts, burns and broken bones
  • crush injury to hands, feet arms and legs
  • electrocution
  • drowning
  • eye injury
  • amputation of arms and legs in unguarded PTOs, grain augers, post hole diggers and drivers
  • quad bike crush injury

Which First Aid Kits meet state, territory and federal regulations for the farming industry?

Aero Healthcare has a wide range of First Aid Kits in tough, durable cases with products for minor and major workplace injuries, wincluding visual-detectable products that meet Food Handling requirements and products to treat Snake Bites and stabilise workers injured in Remote Areas. Select from the First Aid Kits below to check your state and territory compliance and add to your quote.

Food Handling Area First Aid Kits
Commander FB 6 Series First Aid Kit
Perfect for industrial food handling environments, with one kit servicing up to 100 workers.
Operator FB 5 Series First Aid Kit
Designed for medium-sized industrial food handling environments, with one kit servicing up to 50 people.
Responder FB 4 Series First Aid Kit
Designed for industrial food handling environments with up to 25 people.
Worksite First Aid Kits
Commander 6 Series First Aid Kit
Available in portable and wall-mounted case options, these worksite kits each service up to 50 workers in high-risk environments, and 100 workers in low-risk environments.
Operator 5 Series First Aid Kit
Compliance with workplace first aid regulations is achieved across all Australian states and territories with this broad kit range with a variety of outer cases to suit any scenario. Services up to 25 workers in high-risk environments, and 50 workers in low-risk environments.
Farm Vehicle First Aid Kits
Responder 4 Series First Aid Kit
Respond promptly to incidents with case options to suit any vehicle. Services up to 10 people in high-risk environments, 25 people in low-risk environments.
Personal First Aid Kits
Regulator Remote Work First Aid Kit
Containing rescue equipment in addition to a comprehensive First Aid Kit, this compact kit can service up to 10 people.
Regulator Snake Bite Kit
Vital for farm workers, this 1-person kit can be worn on the belt.