First Aid Kits

October is National Safe Work Month, focusing on reducing injuries and fatalities in Australia’s work places throughout the year.

Statistics gathered by the Australian Government statutory body Safe Work Australia during 2011-2012 and 2015-2016 show that in the Accommodation & Food Service industries there were on average 6,600 serious workers compensation claims each year, 15% of which muscular injuries sustained from heavy lifting and 19% from same-level falls, often due to wet and oily spills.

Actual numbers of injuries are unknown, as only the most serious of injuries are reported. Manage your workplace safety – check your health and safety obligations with the appropriate State & Territory body

Accommodation and Food Services often have special requirements in any work situation that involves handling food from the farm to the plate: high visibility plasters and dressings are among the requirements to ensure that workplace injuries do not lead to foreign objects contaminating food, and burn treatments are needed in many food production and preparation areas.

Ensure your workplace has First Aid Kits that comply across all Australian States and Territories with the following Aero First Aid Kits:

Australia & NZ Food Standards compliant / Workplace compliant across all Australian States and Territories
Commander Food and Beverage Industry 6 Series
Perfect for industrial food preparation environments, with one kit servicing up to 100 workers.
Operator Food and Beverage Industry 5 Series
Designed for medium-sized industrial food preparation environments, larger grocery stores and restaurant kitchens, with one kit servicing up to 50 people.
Responder Food and Beverage Industry 4 Series
Designed for restaurants, cafes and smaller grocery store environments, with one kit servicing up to 25 people.

Food Workplace Compliant First Aid Kits

These food-grade kits contain a wide range of high quality Aero Healthcare products that meet Australian Standard AS2675-1983. Containing our famous blue detectable adhesive plasters and other products to meet the stringent criteria required of the Australian and New Zealand Food and Beverage industries, these First Aid Kits are the ideal solution for any business where food handling takes place – allowing your workforce to quickly respond to any workplace emergency. Internal compartments and shelves keep product organised, and these tough metal cabinets are able to be wall mounted.

Refilling the contents is simple with our Instant Restock system: you can refill and service kits quickly with a single order of refill pouches designed to fit into each cabinet. They provide quick access to all product through a unique centre slit pocket without the need of unpacking each individual product. All our cabinets are available with custom labelling.

Increase your capability in areas where the risk of burns, spills and eye hazards are high or frequent with these supplementary specialty modules. The rubber sealed plastic cases prevent dust contamination, and as with all our kits they can be custom labelled. These highly portable kits can also be wall mounted.

Specialty First Aid Kit modules
Regulator Eyewash First Aid Kit
Rubber sealed for dust protection, this minor eye injury module services up to 10 people.
Regulator Biohazard Spill Kit
Essential for cleaning up bodily fluids in a hygienic and efficient way, this module services up to 10 people.
Regulator Burns Series – Small, Medium and Large
Servicing up to 50 people with one module, this kit is specialised for treating burn injuries.

Safe Work Month - Food and Accommodation