First Aid Kits

Sadly the annual rate of fatal drownings has increased from 280 to 291 according to figures released by Royal Life Saving. Australians are urged to check their preparedness for Water Safety, especially as the weather warms up and people and families begin to spend more time boating, swimming and exploring Australia’s waterways.

  • Supervise Children watch them at all times and keep within arms reach. Don’t just keep an ear out or allow yourself to be distracted by smartphones and books: drowning children do not splash and shout!
  • Fence Pools ensure swimming pools are well fenced in line with regulations, using self-closing and self-latching gates.
  • Life Jackets on boats or simply near the water, such as when fishing, everyone should wear a life jacket. Some state schemes will allow you to replace old life jackets for new ones.
  • Life Guards on the beach swim only between the flags where life guards are on duty, and at the pool ensure a life guard is present. At both the beach and the pool ensure your watch your children at all times, do not rely on the Life Guard alone.
  • Learn CPR be prepared for an accident – even with vigilant supervision accidents can happen, and CPR is vital in saving the life of a victim of drowning. Enroll in a CPR class today and refresh your training every year. Search online now for courses in your area!
  • Learn First Aid a variety of injuries can occur in and around the water – be prepared with a well-stocked First Aid Kit and enroll in a First Aid course to be ready to help at a moments notice.

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With 291 drownings reported during June 2016 to June 2017 – an increase of 11 on the previous 12 month period – Australia needs to spread the word.
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