First Aid Kits

When accidents or injuries occur on the road the best thing to do is:

  1. Keep calm
  2. Safely pull over, move off the road
  3. Do not move anyone who has been injured unless they are in immediate danger or need first aid.
  4. Do not remove helmets unless the person is vomiting or has stopped breathing (have one person support the head and neck, while another gently lifts the helmet off from the back).
  5. Call the police if anyone is killed or hurt, if the other driver fails to stop or swap details or is drunk or under the influence of drugs.
  6. Call the police if there is considerable damage to things other than cars.
  7. If nobody is injured and everyone involved has exchanged their details, arrange your own tow then report the crash later to the Police Assistance Line.
  8. Call your insurance company as soon as you can and make a claim.

For more information see the full guide at Roads and Maritime Services.
To assist in your roadside safety and injury treatment, Aero Healthcare have created the Voyager 2 Road Safety First Aid Kit – containing a warning triangle and safety vest to provide you and your vehicle visibility, making other drivers aware to make way and use caution while passing. The comprehensive first aid kit contains a full range of products to treat both minor and major injuries, with items to assist with CPR should it be necessary.

Whether you have a traffic related injury or not, having the Voyager 2 Road Safety First Aid Kit in your vehicle ensures you will always know where to locate a First Aid Kit on the road or at your destination.