First Aid Kits

Both the US and Canda have strict First Aid requirements for businesses that handle food, be they small foodservice businesses such as Cafes and Restaurants, Grocery stores of all sizes and large-scale food-processing industries such as abattoirs, frozen-food processors and factory kitchens turning ingredients into packaged foodstuffs from tinned foods to pre-prepared salads.

Aero Healthcare has Food Standards approved First Aid Kits – all our Food-Grade First Aid Kit contents comply with new ANSI Z308. 1-2015 and OSHA 1910.151(b) regulations – in tough metal cabinets sized to suit your clients needs. The cabinets can be carried or wall mounted, and are key-lockable for security. All our cabinets are available with private labeling to promote your business or your clients.

Our Food Industry kits contain Aero Healthcare’s famous metal detectable and waterproof adhesive bandages and tape that are colored blue – making them easy to identify as blue is the only color which does not naturally occur in food. These First Aid Kits are the ideal solution for any business where food handling takes place.

All kit contents are refilled with our Instant Restock system: you can refill and service your clients kits quickly with a single order of refill pouches designed to fit into each cabinet.

For a free quote and for more details on the contents and regulations met, select a First Aid Kit from the list below.

US & Canada Food Standards compliant First Aid Kits
IndustraFB Food and Beverage Industry 150 Series
This kit makes food safety compliance easy for large and industrial environments, and includes a full range of approved relief tablets and medication have been included to help employees deal with common workplace ailments such as headaches, colds and muscle pain.
IndustraFB Food and Beverage Industry 100 Series
Ideally suited to mid size industries to accommodate a range of potential incidents which can occur in any food preparation environment.
Specialty First Aid Kit modules
Responder 75 Eyewash Station
All-in-one portable Eyewash Station is freestanding or wall mounted, with a drop-down dust cover that opens to reveal an integrated mirror and two easy-open Sterile Buffered AEROWASH Eye & Skin Rinse bottles with eye pieces.
Regulator Biohazard Spill Kit
Essential for cleaning up bodily fluids in a hygienic and efficient way, this module services up to 10 people.
Regulator Burns Series – Small, Medium and Large
Servicing up to 50 people with one module, these kist are specialised for treating burn injuries.