First Aid Kits

Burns can range from mild but painful wounds that are hard to ignore right up to a life-threatening injuries. For this reason the vast majority of our First Aid Kits contain supplies specifically for treating burn injuries.

We have a category listing all kits containing burn injury treatments with fully-stocked First Aid Kits compliant with ANSI Z308. 1-2015 and OSHA 1910.151(b) regulations, but did you know Aero Healthcare also have First Aid module kits specifically for the treatment of burns?

The intention of these Burns Modules is to compliment your First Aid Kit choice to increase your capability in areas where the risk of burns is high or frequent. To cater for all workforces our specialty Burns Modules are available in a variety of sizes and contain high quality, proven products to relieve the burn and immediately begin the healing process. The rubber sealed plastic cases prevent dust contamination, and as with all our kits they can be private labeled with your business or your clients business branding.

Burns First Aid Kits
All Kits containing burn injury treatments
10 kits in up to to 5 case options.
Burns First Aid Kit modules
Regulator Burns Series – Small
Containing 23 pieces, this module services up to 10 people.
Regulator Burns Series – Medium
Containing 46 pieces, this module services up to 25 people.
Regulator Burns Series – Large
Containing 69 pieces, this module services up to 50 people.

And remember, comprehensive burn treatments can be found in a wide range of Aero Healthcare First Aid Kits as listed in our Burns Category.